Frequently Asked Questions

Question's about the world's first Productivity Network?

We've got answers!

LifeStarr is a free app that lets you work with anyone, anywhere,  on anything.

It allows you to create tasks that you can assign to yourself or anyone else (all you need is their email address). Going forward, everything about the task is in the task. All communication, files, and notes are there, which means, no more dragging emails into folders to stay organized. When something happens to one of your tasks, LifeStarr sends you a notification. Click on it and the task opens and everything about that task is right there! This means you no longer have to search for information, which really means you spend more time working and less time looking for stuff.

LifeStarr REALLY lets you work with anyone. The other person doesn't even need to be a LifeStarr user!

While there are numerous task management apps for working with your team or your company, none of them allow you to work with anyone you want to about anything you want (personal, professional, or other). LifeStarr is a Productivity Network (like a social network for working together).

Plus, LifeStarr is the only system that doesn't cost you time to maintain it. When you get busy, you don't abandon it so you can get more work done.

Basically, when things get crazy, you stay organized and in control.

The mobile app for iOS and Android is in the works.

We released without it because everyone is stuck at home and a mobile app seemed less crucial because making LifeStarr available had the potential to reduce stress at a time when we all need it. The web version is getting more mobile-friendly every day and we will release the iOS and Android apps in the first half of 2021.

Yes, but each person will need to sign up individually.

LifeStarr does not sell to companies. You can use the Roles feature to keep your "Work" tasks separate from other aspects of your life. We don't have any restrictions on who can use LifeStarr. Feel free to share it and use it with anyone you want!

YES! We will always have a free app and it will always be awesome.

We are not going to make it so that you need to pay to have a great experience in LifeStarr. This makes business sense because the more people that use it, the more useful it is. Many companies do great selling ad space (Google and Facebook come to mind). We do plan to offer a paid version in the future. These will include technical support as well as some power user features.

It really doesn't matter.

Once you sign up, you can (and should) add all of your email addresses to your User Profile. This way, if another LifeStarr user sends you a task request, LifeStarr will know to send you a New Task Notification instead of emailing you. 

It learns from YOU!

It's done by designing a system that makes it incredibly easy for you to "work from the task." So when you send messages, you do it from the task that the messages are about. When you attach a file, you attach it to the task or to a message (that's in the task). YOU know where it belongs and LifeStarr makes it incredibly easy for you to put it there. Working from the task is truly amazing because everything you need is right there. When everyone does it, everyone else gets the benefit, which means other people are organizing for you!

No! LifeStarr lets you work with anyone who has an email address.

If you involve someone in a task who doesn't join, when you send them a message or share a file with them, LifeStarr will send them an email. When they reply, LifeStarr will put the reply right where it belongs - in the task and under the subject and group that the conversation is happening in within LifeStarr. When you attach or update a file in LifeStarr, the app will automatically send the recipient an email with the file.

When you type someone's email address into the "Assign To" field of a task, LifeStarr sends that person a politely worded Task Request email that explains the task and offers the recipient three options.

They can accept the task request, decline it, or request more information. If they accept, you will be notified and the task will appear on your Waiting For list. If they decline, they will be given a chance to type a short explanation and the task will appear on your My Action Items list (so you can figure out what to do next) with the explanation as a message in the task. If they request more information, you will receive a New Message Notification with the question. When you reply with an answer, LifeStarr will email it to the recipient.

Absolutely! You create a project by breaking a task into sub-tasks.

Then the task will appear on your My Projects list. Sub-tasks can be broken into their own sub-tasks as well. You can see the status of projects quickly and easily and identify where trouble might be brewing (in regards to late sub-tasks).


Data stored in LifeStarr is encrypted. Just make sure to keep your login credentials safe and your data are safe.