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5 min read

Solopreneurs, Here's The Perfect Espresso Drink to Match Your Mood

Solopreneurs, Here's The Perfect Espresso Drink to Match Your Mood

As a solopreneur you have a lot to do.

I mean, a lot.

Wearing all hats in your business can be exhausting. While we're all for focusing on time management and figuring out processes to avoid burnout and exhaustion, the truth is, sometimes, you just need a quick pick-me-up.

I am a total espresso enthusiast. In fact, clicking on the audio playlist in the Coffitivity app makes me feel right at home!

So if you're in a slump today and are looking for something fun, I thought I'd share, after extensive experience, my thoughts on the best espresso drink to match your mood, whatever it may be in the current moment (because let's face it, as one-person business owners, our mood can shift a lot throughout the day)!

Take a look at the list below!


As a company of one, there are many stressors, but you deal with them because you just know one day it will all pay off. This is why I think the perfect match for feeling hopeful is a double espresso. Why not go big, right? You’ll be glad you did.

What is it? You guessed, it, just a double shot of espresso :)

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Yep, I get that. I think all entrepreneurs are familiar with this feeling. So, why do I think a breve is a perfect match for this mood? Well, translated, breve means “short, brief, or concise” and we all know a side effect of being stressed is being “short, brief, or concise.” See what I did there? The perfect pair!

What is it? A breve is basically a latte, but instead of steamed milk, you use steamed half and half. So rich, but oh so good!


Cozying up on the couch looking through old photo albums? Why not pair it with a cafe au lait? It is traditionally served in a porcelain cup or bowl, perfect for warming your hands while you reminisce about the past.

What is it? Equal parts coffee and steamed milk...similar to a latte. Technically this drink doesn’t have espresso in it, but it’s just so good I had to put it on the list!


When you’re feeling down, it’s often helpful to turn to comfort and surround yourself with familiar things, which is why a good old-fashioned latte should be your go-to drink when you’re not your best self. Need an additional mood booster? Take a stab at some latte art in your cup!

What is it? One or two shots of espresso in a cup blended with steamed milk and a light layer of foam on top.


I was recently told that lattes are for drinking and cappuccinos are for sipping. How sophisticated. It is, for this reason, you should try a cappuccino as your go-to drink the next time you’re feeling reflective.

What is it? Espresso, hot milk, and frothed milk (ideally equal parts of each). That’s it!


Have a pit in your stomach that you just can’t shake? Try an espresso con panna! I mean, doesn’t whipped cream just make everything better? That’s exactly what makes this drink so special.

What is it? A shot of espresso with a dollop of whipped cream...mmmmmmm!


If you’re angry, a way to help you calm down is to have something that makes you smile, and what makes people smile more than chocolate? Whoever invented a mocha is a genius and created a concoction that can help turn any frown upside down!

What is it? Coat the bottom and sides of the cup with 1/2 oz. of chocolate syrup. Add a shot or two of espresso. Fill the remainder of the cup with steamed milk. Delicious!


While a regular shot of espresso may do the trick, if you really need a burst of energy to combat your drowsiness, turn to a Red Eye (probably the drink I would get if I wanted to stay awake for a Red Eye flight). It’ll get you going in no time.

What is it? Add a shot of espresso to a brewed cup of coffee. Zing!


Can’t shake that worried feeling? Sometimes just a bit of stability is what you need to start feeling better, which is why you should just go back to the basics and take in a dependable espresso.

What is it? Just a good ol’ shot of espresso.


Have you ever gotten to the bottom of a frappé and then spent a significant amount of time (more than you care to admit) scraping the bottom of the cup with a straw to get every last ounce? Gosh, I hope that’s not just me. Assuming it’s not, a frappé is the perfect pairing for a distracted mood because it can help to bring you back into a focused mentality...even if it is just to dedicate time to the bottom of your beverage.

What is it? Blend espresso, milk, and ice to taste. Feel like being creative? Add a syrup flavor of your choice!


As a coffee enthusiast, I hear this question a lot: What’s the difference between brewed black coffee and an americano? From a taste standpoint, give in to your curiosity and taste test for yourself! While the ingredient difference may seem small, the taste and the way it goes down (oh so smoothly) are not the same.

What is it? Single (or double)-shot of espresso and six ounces of hot water.


Feeling lazy? Sounds like you may need a little pick-me-up. For this mood, I recommend going with a gibraltar. It’s the perfect drink if you want something strong, but not too strong. You need to ease your way out of your lazy-state, and this will do the trick.

What is it? Double shot of espresso with 1-2 oz of steamed milk - Gear Patrol describes it as a mix between a latte and a macchiato.


When I think of gratitude, I think of the things that are most meaningful to me, have the greatest impact, and that I never want to lose sight of.

The term macchiato in Italian means “stained,” which reminds me of a state of permanence or something that can leave an impression, which is why I’ve paired this mood and this drink. A stretch? Maybe, but a great pairing nonetheless!

What is it? A shot of espresso topped with a bit of milk foam on top. The drink itself can be translated to an espresso that is stained with foam.


Embrace your goofy side! The next time you’re feeling a little silly, go for an affogato! This likely isn’t your go-to order when you frequent your local coffee shop (but hey, if it is, good for you!), but this is a tasty treat that you need to indulge in every once in a while.

What is it? Shot of espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I’ll take 10, please! This is our founder’s favorite dessert.


Feeling inspired? See if you can master a flat white. Think it’s just like a latte? Think again! The key difference is the espresso-to-milk ratio, but the kicker is creating a thin layer of foam on top. See how thin you can make it!

What is it? 1/3 espresso, 2/3 steamed milk, and a super-thin layer of foam at the top.


In a nutshell, a ristretto is a stronger, more concentrated form of espresso that uses less water. Quite the kick! I'm pairing it with the feeling of being courageous, because, well, it’s only for the bold (you didn’t think I’d make it through an entire post on espresso drinks without throwing a pun in there somewhere, did you?).

What is it? A very short shot of espresso.


In a good mood? Reflect on your cheerfulness in the drink you choose! Take any of these beverages and add a festive twist to them. 4th of July? Add blueberry and strawberry syrups with whipped cream (I don’t know if that’s actually good). Fall approaching? Go with the classic Pumpkin Spice Latte. Have fun with it.

What is it? Create your own!


Need something to give you a little boost to keep the productivity going but don’t want it to be too strong a la ristretto? Go with a lungo! It’s the perfect fit for crossing things off your list.

What is it? A stretched version of an espresso with typically twice the amount of water.


As a solo-entrepreneur, your moods can vary greatly, but don't worry, you're not alone! Consider joining the LifeStarr community of solopreneurs to network and learn (and maybe grab a cup of coffee with a fellow member).