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Motivational quotes with actionable steps to help you reach your goals and achieve great things.




Unleash Your Inner Awesome

The Solopreneur's Guide to Staying Motivated

by Carly Ries

Solopreneurs often have big dreams, but having big dreams is easy. Achieving those dreams can be hard. Really, really hard.

In fact, only 8% of people actually reach their New Year’s resolutions every year. 8%!

What is it that makes it so difficult for the vast majority of people to get what they set out to achieve?

While everybody’s answer is different, we can all agree that you need to have continued motivation to reach your goals.

As a longtime solopreneur, I’ve always found motivational quotes to be helpful to surround myself with while taking on new endeavors, but as great as these phrases may be, I’ve never actually come across clear step-by-step instructions of how to actually achieve the purpose of the quotes.

This really bugged me, and I figured I wasn’t alone, so instead of setting out to search for this content, I decided to create it, and that’s what you’re looking at right now.

The following guide includes nearly thirty motivational quotes (plus some bonus material) with step-by-step suggestions of how to achieve them.

This guide is meant to serve as motivation and inspiration. You should know it isn’t written by a trained life coach, professional mentor, or psychologist. I’m not coming to you with a clinical background or professional guidance that a counselor would.

What I am coming to you with is years of experience with goal-seeking ups and downs, and lots and lots of research to try to figure out how to become a part of the select few who reach their dreams.

I’m simply a person like you. A person who has purchased a gym membership in January only to stop going in February. A person who has had career highs, and career lows. A person who is still trying to figure everything out.

So cheers to unlocking the greatness within you and to your next steps in becoming a part of the “8% Club.”

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Table of Contents.


Want access to the entire guide? It's free and comes in PDF or EPUB.

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Chapter 1: Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

"We are who we believe we are." 

- C.S. Lewis

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” Who knew the children’s book, The Little Engine That Could, could have such a profound message that would be carried into the rest of our lives?

As kids, we think we can do anything, whether it’s growing up to be a veterinarian or believing that you could fly. Whatever your belief was, the best part is that you truly believed it was possible.

As we grow up, we seem to lose that unwavering confidence in ourselves. We experience failures, criticisms, and even negative self talk when things don’t go our way.

But what if we were able to get those childhood beliefs back? What if, as adults, we became our own biggest cheerleaders, despite any negativity and roadblocks that come our way?

The possibilities would be endless. And the possibilities can be endless.

In order to do great things in this world, you need to believe you can be, and currently are, great. Only you can make things happen for yourself to truly move mountains in your life. You just need to believe you can. Grab the pom-poms because it’s time to start cheering yourself on. It’s time to become your number one fan.

beleve in yourself


Actionable Steps


As crazy as it sounds, the act of smiling can actually make you feel happier in the moment. Doing this first will help you take on the following steps from a more positive and proactive place.

Examine Your Current Thoughts

Take notice of the current thoughts you have about yourself. Are they positive or negative? If negative, what do you need to stop doing to turn those thoughts around? What beliefs are holding you back from achieving great things? Make an honest effort to discover how you feel about yourself and make adjustments to ensure you always see yourself in a positive light. Note, this doesn’t mean you’ll never fail again, you will, but it means you still see yourself positively and with understanding, even through adversity. Love who you are at your core.

Examine Who You Surround Yourself With

Unfortunately, too often people don’t believe in themselves because they’re told they shouldn’t, or they’re told they should settle for less than their true potential. Take a look at the people you’re spending the most time with and evaluate if the relationships are supportive or if they bring you down. Choose the people who lift you up.

Examine the Type of Content You Consume

If you’re continuing to consume material that tells you you can’t do something, stop viewing it. Don’t let outside influences put limits on your potential. Additionally, avoid content that wastes your time and makes you feel bad about wasting your time (like excessive use of social media).

Create Goals and Achieve Them

Want to start believing in yourself ASAP? Set goals and start achieving them to boost your confidence. These goals don’t have to be anything groundbreaking. Start with easily achievable ones and build over time. Break goals into bite-sized steps and get a few done every day. It will make you feel incredible.

Know That This Will Take Practice

Be patient with yourself. Negative thoughts will sneak in from time to time, but how you interpret and move forward from those thoughts is what matters.

Reflect on Past Achievements

Sit back and take in some of the great things you’ve already accomplished in your life. What have you done that you’re proud of? Consider writing these accomplishments down and refer back to them on rainy days. Tony Robbins preaches the concepts of “mantras,” that is, positive self-talk repeated over-and-over every morning coupled with physically active movement. Think of past achievements as you put this practice into place.

Forgive Yourself

On the previous note, let go of past failures. It may be easier said than done, but it’s time to leave them behind and focus on moving forward.

Be Positive

Start seeing the glass as half-full in situations you’re presented with. The more positive you view other things around you, the more positive you’ll start seeing yourself.

Food for Thought: What is something that you love about yourself?

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

Steve Jobs


Dream big. Many of us are told this often throughout our lives but few of us actually do it. Why is that? Why do we so often impose limits on ourselves?

“When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut” is a lot easier than “I’m grown up, now how do I become an astronaut?”

The reality is, dreaming big is easy. Actually going for that dream is scary. Really scary.

But you know what’s even scarier? Waking up one day realizing that it’s too late.

Overcome your limiting beliefs. Reach higher than you ever thought possible, and if you don’t make it to the very top, odds are you had one amazing adventure attempting it while learning a lot and doing a lot along the way. If you only strive to achieve small things, your rewards and the journey themselves will also be small.

believe you can change the world


Actionable Steps

Get a Clear Vision of Your Dream

Whether it’s through vision boards, hanging a picture on your refrigerator, or waking up in the morning thinking about it, make sure it’s absolutely clear what you’re striving for. Don’t leave room for any ambiguity.

Ask Yourself What You Would Do

If Fear Wasn’t a Factor Now that’s a doozy, isn’t it? Can you imagine? Think about that long and hard. Once you get that image in your mind, think what fear may prevent you from achieving it in the real world. Then decide if you’re able to overcome that fear and what steps you need to take to do so.

Dream Big but Plan Small

If you write on your to-do list “work towards achieving my dreams,” that will be a big pill to swallow. Break down a step-by-step task list of the things you actually need to get done to achieve your dream. Once you have that list, break those into subtasks and get as granular as possible so that it begins to get easier to start tackling these items. Start by asking yourself - what is the next action I can take to move me toward my dream? It shouldn’t be, get my college degree or write a novel. It should be research college majors or outline a plot and characters. These are concrete steps you can do today!

Track Your Progress

See where you’re coming from and understand where you need to go. Set benchmarks along the way so that you know if you’re making strides towards achieving greatness. Plus, it’s always fun to look back and see how far you’ve come when you have it all documented.

Surround Yourself with People Who Support You

Make sure your friends and family are your greatest fans and also believe you can change the world. Don’t let anybody in your circle hold you back.

Take Action

If you want to reach your goals, start today. Make this dream of yours a top priority.

Take Care of Yourself

On the road to greatness, don’t forget to take care of yourself. When you’re motivated, it’s easy to get in the zone and just want to go nonstop. Remember to get rest, nourish your body, stay hydrated, and exercise.

Food for Thought: If you could be or do anything in this world, what would it be? Are you currently doing it?

motivational quotes for seizing opportunities


Chapter 2: Overcome Distractions

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."

- Mark Twain

Did you know that when you surround yourself with positive people, you actually start being more positive (glass half full, anyone?)? Your attitude on how you approach things actually changes for the better, allowing you to be more productive and accomplish the things that you set out to achieve.

When you surround yourself with negative people, it actually has the reverse impact and can take a huge toll on your path to success (and happiness in general). If you receive ninety-nine positive reviews or compliments and one negative, you’re going to dwell on and pay attention to that one negative comment, which can be a huge distraction from almost everything else going on in your life. It’s just how we’re wired, so it’s important that you try to surround yourself with positive influences in order to keep your momentum going forward.

Negativity is contagious. You don’t want it to become your primary thought pattern.

The issue is, completely cutting toxic people out of your life is often easier said than done. What if the person is a co-worker you sit next to or even family? It’s important that you take precautions to ensure they have as minimal of an impact on you as possible.

You need to stick to who you are and surround yourself with the people who support you and support your goals and ambitions. As the great Dr. Seuss once said, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because in the end those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.”


Hey, relax...

Do you really want to read the entire book like this?

This is a real book. Why not read it like one?
Go ahead, download it now!
It's free and comes in PDF or EPUB.



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Do you really want to read the entire book like this?

This is a real book. Why not read it like one?
Go ahead, download it now!
It's free and comes in PDF or EPUB.


Just enter your email and we'll send you the eBook. We promise not to do anything bad with your email.

Hey, relax...

Do you really want to read the entire book like this?

This is a real book. Why not read it like one?
Go ahead, download it now!
It's free and comes in PDF or EPUB.
Just enter your email and we'll send you the eBook. We promise not to do anything bad with your email.