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1 min read

How Solopreneurs Can Overcome Limiting Beliefs For Greater Success

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Sarah BoxxSarah Boxx, MA is CEO and Chief Vision Sherpa at Sarah Boxx, LLC as well as a Nonprofit-Corporate-Individual Success Strategist.

She helps executives and middle managers who are overextended at work and home by showing them how to regain time, reduce stress, and lead strategically so they can live a life they love at work and at home.

Sarah invests her heart and head in working with high-achieving, motivated professionals working in nonprofits and entrepreneurial ventures.

Her clients are inspirational, talented, skilled, and passionate. They are challenged by competing priorities, too little time, and calendars full of meetings. They have a burning desire to make a difference in the world.

BUT...Doing good isn’t good enough. They want to live into their true purpose and gift.

So, how does a Sherpa help? With the right tool, the right question, and the right piece of guidance at just the right time (and not before).

Professionally, I completed more than 140 projects with nonprofit organizations, foundations, local, regional, and state collaborative networks, county boards and commissions, and state agencies.

Sarah's been a nonprofit Executive Director, crisis line volunteer, victim advocate, board member, board and staff coach, and leadership development trainer. She was awarded the National Governor's Association Award for distinguished service to government. I teach Strategic Planning for the University of Nevada Reno’s Institute of Nonprofit Excellence each spring.

In 2016, Sarah became a best-selling author (The Changemaker Ripple Effect), and two years later launched the No Labels No Limits podcast. Her trademarked motto is No Labels. No Limits. No Excuses (TM).

What You'll Learn in this Episode

  • What solopreneurs can start using to reduce stress and free up time
  • Advice on how to overcome imposter syndrome
  • How to shift your mindset for greater success and fewer setbacks
  • How to unlock your purpose and reignite your passions when stuck in an entrepreneurial rut
  • What characteristics people can have or develop that will allow them to make greater impacts in their fields of choice
  • What the Enneagram is and why it is important for solopreneurs to know their type

Connect with Sarah Boxx

Favorite Quote: "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value" - Albert Einstein

Want to share your experiences and learn from other one-person businesses? Be sure to join our community! It's free :)

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