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SoloSuite Pro: For Experienced Solopreneurs Because Change Is Everywhere.

The world is changing. You are changing. This means that your business is changing. Don't go it alone. LifeStarr gives you exclusive access to expert office hours, unlimited access to "LifeStarr Presents" courses, a prime listing in our directory, and innovative AI tools designed to help solopreneurs navigate change.

Price $50 per month


Do you have these questions about running your solopreneur business? 

How Do I Adapt My Business to Global Changes and Personal Growth?

The world is always changing, and you're changing, too. The Solopreneur Success CycleTM will give you the tools and processes to manage that change.
Challenged Young Man

How Do I Generate Enough Business?

Sales & Marketing doesn't come naturally to most solopreneurs. We will provide you with expert advice on how to do it right.
Solopreneur Solitude Syndrome

How Can I Keep Up With All the Work That Needs To Be Done?

We have proven tactics to help solopreneurs work more efficiently and effectively.

Here's What Other Solopreneurs Are Saying About SoloSuite Pro


Ron Chio

Website Developer

Kari Boatner

Midlife Transformation Coach

What's Included in SoloSuite Pro?

Everything in SoloSuite Starter

  • Access to Solopreneur Problem Solvers Event
  • Access to The Solopreneur Community
  • Access to Solopreneur Success Sessions Event
  • The Solopreneur Insights Newsletter


Course Pass

1. All-Access Course Pass

Enhance Your Solopreneur Success Journey with the All-Access Course Pass, a continuously expanding library of "LifeStarr Presents" courses at your fingertips with focus on topics like:

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Productivity

  • Money management

  • HubSpot CRM Suite Starter

  • Using CRMs to run and grow your business 

  • And lots more

All are designed exclusively for solopreneurs.

Does not include third-party courses resold by LifeStarr.

HubSpot Office Hours

2. LifeStarr Solopreneur Office Hours

 Unlock Expert Advice with seasoned experts to help you navigate your solo business. Our dedicated office hours connect you directly to the pros for personalized guidance on your solopreneur journey.

  • LifeStarr Lead Gen & Sales for Solopreneurs: Revamp your lead generation strategy with insights from experienced sales and marketing people.

  • HubSpot CRM: Harness the power of HubSpot's suite to optimize your customer relationship management and grow your business.

  • LifeStarr App (Coming Soon): Get insights into maximizing our upcoming app for your business efficiency.

Don't miss the chance to elevate your one-person business with the knowledge and tools to succeed. Join us and transform your business one question at a time.

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3. SoloConnect: The LifeStarr Solopreneur Directory

Solopreneurs love to work with other solopreneurs. Why? Because it's not just a smart choice—it's a fantastic deal! They offer incredible value and are deeply passionate about their work.

We've listened to your requests for a simpler way to connect with fellow solopreneurs. And now, we're excited to present the solution. Welcome to your new go-to platform for finding and collaborating with the best in our solopreneur community.

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4. Solopreneur Success Sessions Video Library 

Gain an edge with the entire collection of Solopreneur Success Sessions events. This micro-conference is designed for solopreneurs.

Unlock a constantly growing library of past events with our premium access, and transform your business with expert insights on topics crucial to solopreneur success.

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5. SoloPulse: The Changing Trends Event for Solopreneurs

This is a dynamic, recurring virtual event designed to keep one-person business owners ahead of the curve. In an ever-evolving landscape, staying informed about the latest shifts in technology, marketing, and the business environment is crucial. SoloPulse offers a platform for solopreneurs to come together and learn from industry experts about how to adapt and thrive amidst change. Whether you're looking to leverage new tech tools, refine your marketing strategies, or navigate the shifting business terrain, SoloPulse provides the knowledge and community support to help your solo venture succeed.

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6. StarrAI: The LifeStarr AI Assistant 

Introducing StarrAI, your AI-powered assistant designed exclusively for solopreneurs. In the world of one-person businesses, time is your most valuable asset. StarrAI is here to help you make the most of it by providing instant, context-aware answers to your business questions. Whether you need insights on marketing strategies, technology tools, or navigating the challenges of running a solo venture, StarrAI has you covered. With its deep understanding of the unique needs of solopreneurs, gleaned from the extensive LifeStarr content library, StarrAI offers tailored advice to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. Embrace the power of AI and let StarrAI be your guide to solopreneurial success.

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