Why LifeStarr?


Cian and Lizzie are good social distancers and so recorded this in their apartment on an iPhone

Getting Things Done is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company

The world's first
"Life Empowerment App"

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Take Control of Your Life

Work With ANYONE

Unlike any other system, LifeStarr lets you work with anyone you want. All you need is their email address.

Save Time

LifeStarr puts everything where it belongs automatically – emails, messages, files, notes and more. No more dragging and organizing files and emails.

Easy to Use

Simple, intuitive user interface – get up and running in seconds. Coming soon, free help from the LifeStarr team!

Manage Everything

You can manage all aspects of your life, not just work stuff. There's nobody looking over your shoulder - you're the boss.

Safe & Secure

No one sees tasks they are not involved with. We will NEVER sell your data to anyone.

FREE Forever

The free, FULLY FUNCTIONAL, ad-funded version of LifeStarr will be available forever, with no fee, restrictions, or barriers to use.  A paid version with support and additional tools is coming soon.


Organize Automatically

LifeStarr lets you put emails, messages, files, and private notes in the task, where they belong, so no extra effort is needed to stay organized, even when working with people who don't use the app.

Simple List-Based System

Your to-do list, projects, and tasks others are doing for you are organized on lists that you can filter, search and sort.

Notifications Focus You

LifeStarr notifies you whenever a task you are involved in needs attention. Things like late tasks (yours or those others are doing for you), new messages and files, and much more.

Roles Let You Keep Things Separate

Roles let you keep each aspect of your life (work, home and more) separate, so you can work on one at a time. 

GTD® Inspired!

If you're a fan of David Allen's Getting Things Done®, you will love LifeStarr. My Actions, Waiting For, and My Projects are all there... on steroids!


LifeStarr is Free & SECURE

How do we do it? We use ads, just like a lot of other sites. But we will never look at or sell your data.

We will use keywords from your tasks and profile to find appropriate ads for you, but we will never connect you to the keywords outside of the system

We will analyze usage of the system to improve it, but we will not see your data while this is being done.

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What users say

LifeStarr has been getting used by people since November 2019 as part of the process to test and refine the application. Here's what some of them have to say about it.

  • In the past, I always found myself stressed on vacation. Now that I have LifeStarr, I know that everything I have to do is right there and all the relevant information is being put where it belongs automatically, even while I’m gone. So for the first time, I had a completely relaxed vacation.

    Donna Isabel

    HR Specialist Bristol Property Management

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