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Learn to scale-up your business

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Learn the right way to imagine and plan your business.

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What do other solopreneurs say about LifeStarr?

"I stumbled into LifeStarr via a google search and it has been the best find for me this year. Joining them has opened up something that every solopreneur wants... a community."
Monica Peverini
Monica Peverini
"After attending a LifeStarr event, I finally feel like I'm not alone in my solopreneur journey. It has been refreshing to meet and collaborate on challenges with other solo business owners, and I always look forward to the brainstorming and networking sessions! "
Brooke Tomasetti
"When it comes to supportive online communities for entrepreneurs, LifeStarr is one of my favorites. I have never seen a free group more dedicated to others' good and success."
Michael Lynn
Michael Lynn
"I'm so grateful to the whole community for the guidance and connections I've gained. I've learned so much from the experts in the group, on topics from taxes to marketing to building my website. I've recommended it enthusiastically to others and will continue to do so because I've seen the value even when it was small and I know it'll only get better."
Sean Dagony-Clark
Sean Dagony-Clark
"I joined LifeStarr's Solopreneur Community because I wanted to connect with other like-minded Solopreneurs. I love the events and that it’s a virtual community geared towards the needs of solopreneurs. If you’re not a part of the community, you’re missing out. "
Aldreama Harper
Aldreama Harper
"Everyone is so accessible and so willing to help. I love all the great information that is shared freely about all topics concerning running a business. It's great being aligned with such a genuine, supportive bunch of people. Thank you!!!"
Ursula Hurn
Ursula Hurn
"LifeStarr is the best networking group I’ve come across. The organizers are kind, friendly and, helpful. And they put together free community events that consistently deliver networking and educational opportunities for solopreneurs. Meetings are fun and engaging, without any pressure to perform or be someone other than who you are."
Gina Mongiello
Gina Mongiello

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