Only 8% of people actually reach their goals. We're aiming for 100%.

We give you the tools you need to achieve your dreams and live a more satisfying, present, and productive life.


Pressures, responsibilities, and distractions are robbing us of our ability to do the things we want to do and be the way we want to be. Emails, text messages, to-dos, projects, and must-get-done items aren’t going away, and can be added stressors to our lives.

Sure, there are task management apps and email filters that claim to make your life easier and more manageable, but the reality is, using them to organize can take up just as much time as the tasks themselves. When you step away from these tools, you’re still thinking about them and making sure nothing is going unnoticed. It’s exhausting and time-consuming.

There's finally a better way.

productivity network

The Way We Work Together Is Broken

So, we fixed it by creating a Productivity Network. Combining communication, task management, and social networking technology, our platform allows you to connect, collaborate and work with anyone, anywhere, and on anything, all in one place, whether it’s for your personal or professional life. You can even use it to work with people who don't use LifeStarr.

Spend Less Time Organizing And More Time Living

LifeStarr is a free smart app that is able to take your emails, to-dos, files, and chat messages, and automatically organize them in a way that allows you to walk away from them for hours or even days with a piece of mind that nothing is falling through the cracks. If anything that you deem important needs your attention, you’ll be notified. You’ll have the power to put down your work and get back in the driver’s seat of your own life.

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    Rick G.
    Construction Manager
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    Kim P.
    Extreme Mortician

A New Way of Getting Stuff Done

Save Time While Staying Organized

Instead of spending loads of time organizing and additional time getting the stuff you're organizing done, why not feed two birds with one hand - get them done and organize at the same time? With LifeStarr, you can.

Get Stuff Done With Anyone - We Mean Anyone

Unlike any other system, LifeStarr lets you work and conquer tasks with anyone you want, not just your team. All you need is their email address. They don't even need to be LifeStarr users!

Manage Your Entire Life in One Place

Say goodbye to platform hopping! Chat, email, and task management can all be done right here. Roles let you keep each aspect of your life (work, home and more) separate, so you can work on one at a time within the same platform.

Know Your Account Is Secure and Free Forever

No one sees tasks they are not involved in and we will never sell your data to anyone. Promise! And when we say "free," we mean it. A fully functional version will be available forever. A paid version with support and additional tools is coming soon.

Game-Changing Features

Smart Email (LifeStarr's Superpower)

Integrate your current email account with LifeStarr and free yourself from the need to constantly check your inbox. Intrigued? Click below to learn more.

Coming soon!

Automated Task Organization

Say goodbye to drag and drop!  All emails, chats, files, and other details associated with a task are automatically placed in it, without any other action required from you. 


Personalized Notification System

Not all tasks and emails are of equal importance. Set up alerts to get notified of activity for the ones that matter most to you. The rest can wait. Hey, it's the first step to kicking that tech addiction!

Work-Style Customization

The way people get things done certainly doesn't fall under the "one size fits all" category, so we designed the app to cater to your work style, not how others want you to work!


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