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LifeStarr Welcome Video

1 min read

Welcome to the LifeStarr App

Featured Image

There are lots of things about the LifeStarr App that make it unique and I will be covering these over the next few weeks. However, the single most important thing to know about LifeStarr is that if you learn to use it (and it's pretty easy) and then develop a habit of working from it, it is the only task management/collaboration tech that doesn't cost you time to use it. 

Every other system and process out there requires you to invest time to remain organized - filing emails, looking for info, and so on. Of course, in the long run it is worth it because you don't waste a lot of time looking for things and fighting fires due to stuff that slipped through the cracks. So it's all great until you get busy. Then - at least for most of us - it's just too tempting to stop investing that time for a little while so you can plow through the work. But in no time everything is a mess.

The rule has always been:

Organization Systems/Tools: Being Organized Costs Time

But LifeStarr puts things where they belong for you. This means you don't spend time filing and sorting. Plus LifeStarr tells you which Task need your attention. That means you aren't constantly reviewing tasks to see which ones might need some TLC. The bottom line is that:

LifeStarr: Being Organized Saves Time

So when things get busy, LifeStarr becomes your best friend and the last thing you want to do is abandon it. I hope you take the time to learn to use it and see what a difference it can make in your life. We have some exciting stuff coming your way. If you want to be kept in the loop, please fill out the form to the right.

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