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1 min read

How to Develop The Right Mindset to Become A Successful Solopreneur

Featured Image

Michael WoodwardIf you are just getting started and are in need of convincing yourself that you’ve made the right decision to become a solopreneur, this is for you. 

Michael Woodward is the founder of jumbleThink. The jumbleThink podcast focuses on telling the story of entrepreneurs who turned their dreams and ideas into reality and it has been ranked number one on the business and career categories on Apple Podcasts.

Prior to starting jumbleThink, Michael owned a leading web design and development agency that built over 400 websites and web applications for small local businesses, international non-profit organizations, and Fortune 100 corporations. 

He has worked on projects for organizations like the Crowdstrike, Stanford, California Community Colleges, and Duarte.

What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • How solopreneurs can tell the dream they’ve chosen to chase after is the one they’re meant to be doing
  • How solopreneurs can overcome fear of the unknown
  • Why simplicity is key to innovative thinking and how solopreneurs can start eliminating the chaos
  • What micro experiments are and why they are important for solopreneurs who are chasing after their dreams
  • The benefits of making a bucket list

And so much more!

Resources Mentioned In The Show

Favorite quote about success:

"The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity." - Leonard Ravenhill

"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

Want to share your experiences and learn from other one-person business? Be sure to join our community! It's free :)

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