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1 min read

Solopreneur Tips For Working Less And Making More


Amy Triandiflou-1

Amy Triandiflou, owner and principal at ATPR, has been a public relations strategist for more than 20 years. Previously the Director of Brand Communications at Colorado’s largest locally-owned advertising and public relations agency, Vladimir Jones, Amy has extensive experience in all facets of communications including media relations, internal relations, government relations, event planning, community relations, social media, and crisis communication among a cross-section of industries including health care, real estate, finance, non-profits, hospitality, utilities and consumer goods and services. With her creative and collaborative approach to developing colorful and compelling pitches and a knack for building and maintaining media relationships, she has landed media coverage in national, regional, and local media outlets across the country. The trust and credibility she has built with community leaders and organizations can be leveraged to advance the goals and interests of her clients. 

In this episode, Amy discusses how finding your niche and being picky with the business you choose to take on can be a challenge, but explains the benefits that make it all worth it.

What you'll learn in this episode

  • How to find work/life balance through solopreneurship
  • Why being picky with your business is so important
  • Why you must know your edge as a solopreneur
  • Why you can't be a Jack of All Trades
  • Why networking and volunteering are so important for solopreneurs
  • Why it's important to know other people in your line of work
  • How to prepare for financial ups and downs of solopreneurship
  • Why saying "no" is so valuable for one-person businesses

Connect with Amy

Resources Mentioned in the Episode

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