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                  1 min read

                  Taking A Side-Hustle From Zero To Multi-Millions

                  Featured Image

                  kevin fremonKevin is a serial entrepreneur with a true passion for customer experience, good design, and problem-solving. Over the past 20 years he's founded a web design agency, a venture-backed tech startup, and more recently took a side-hustle from zero to multi-millions as a solopreneur.  Kevin's a creative at heart with a love for photography, making videos for YouTube, and is a self-proclaimed big Star Wars nerd.  He currently lives in Austin TX with his wife and two puppies, Luke & Leia. 

                  What you'll learn in this episode

                  • Tips for finding success as a one-person business owner
                  • How to position yourself from the competition
                  • The value of being yourself
                  • How to support a great business by yourself (why fanatical support and trust are so important)
                  • How to get customers
                  • The value of finding your niche
                  • Why surrounding yourself with like-minded people and people in your industry is so important
                  • The ups and downs of solopreneur life
                  • How to separate your work life and personal life
                  • Tips for staying focused
                  • Advice for managing business processes

                  And so much more!

                  Connect with Kevin Fremon

                  Resources Mentioned in the Episode

                  Want to share your experiences and learn from other one-person businesses? Be sure to join our community! It's free :)

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                  Taking A Side-Hustle From Zero To Multi-Millions

                  Kevin is a serial entrepreneur with a true passion for customer experience, good design, and problem-solving. Over the past 20 years he's...

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