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Joe Rando

Joe Rando is the Founder and CEO of WorkStarr, the company that created LifeStarr. He lives in Sharon, MA with his wife, Licia, a child therapist, and has 4 grown children who are all awesome (just ask him). He has a degree in physics from UMass and an MBA from UConn. Joe has started a number of businesses in technology and real estate. He is very excited about LifeStarr and pretty much never stops talking about it (just ask his wife). His hobbies include drinking coffee, thinking about drinking coffee, and wishing he was drinking coffee. Between cups of coffee, he sometimes jogs, skis, cycles, and plays the guitar.

One-Person Business Podcast
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Guest Interviews

Every Monday, we'll bring you an interview with an expert or solopreneur that will provide insights into the issues, challenges, and opportunities faced by one-person businesses. Trust us, you don't want to miss these!

Deep Dive Series

Every Thursday, hosts Joe and Carly will dig deep into a variety of topical series that cover best practices for one-person businesses. We'll focus on the nitty-gritty details of things like marketing, cash flow, sales, business models, and so on. These shorter episodes are packed with actionable takeaways and a good dose of humor.


Expert Mondays

Every Monday, we'll bring you an expert that has insights into some aspect of the issues, challenges, and opportunities face by one-person businesses. And every once in a while, we'll feature an episode where Carly and Joe answer your questions.

Solopreneur Thursdays

Every Thursday, we'll feature a solopreneur or freelancer and talk about their experiences as a one-person business. There won't be lots of multi-millionaires on this show; these will be regular people that are making the life they want as a one-person business.


how solopreneurs can build a community from scratch

The Ultimate Blueprint for Solopreneurs Building A Community from Scratch

Watch the Episode on YouTube Flying solo in business doesn't mean you're alone. We say this all the time, but truer words have never been said. And while the idea of building a community is important, it can be easier said than done if you've never...

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Joep Vermolen

The Power of Authenticity and Self-Awareness On Your Road To Success

Watch the Episode on YouTube Allow us to give some background, because this is a show unlike any we've done before. Joe has been a fan of Toon on...

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how to make social media work for your solopreneur business

How to Finally Make Social Media Work For Your Solopreneur Business

Watch the Episode on YouTube Joe and I (Carly) have not historically been fans of social media. I haven't posted on my personal accounts in years...

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narrative power for solopreneur success

Understanding Narrative Power to Achieve Greater Success

Watch the Episode on YouTube We have had some amazing guests recently, and Guillaume Wiatr is no exception. We had a great conversation exploring...

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an unconvetional way to build wealth for solopreneurs

An Unconventional Wealth Building Secret Solopreneurs Must Learn

Watch the Episode on YouTube These show notes are going to be a bit different than those in the past because, honestly, this show is different than...

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how solopreneurs can reduce clutter and regain time with andrew mellen

Solopreneur Tips to Reduce Clutter, Regain Time, and Enrich Your Life

Watch the Episode on YouTube This episode is a game-changer for anyone feeling the relentless squeeze of time constraints. Our guest, Andrew Mellen,...

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Lee Hopkins on the One-Person Business Podcast

How Solopreneurs Can Master The Art of Networking

Watch the Episode on YouTube In the world of entrepreneurship, particularly for solopreneurs, the pursuit of authentic relationships is not just a...

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As A Solopreneur, How Do I Avoid or Bounce Back From Burnout?

As A Solopreneur, How Do I Avoid or Bounce Back From Burnout?

Watch on YouTube In this episode of The One-Person Business podcast, we sit down with Renee La Tour, the Business Strategist behind the Ticket To...

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