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4 min read

Inbound 23 Conference Roundup for Solopreneurs

Inbound 23 Conference Roundup for Solopreneurs

The Inbound Conference is by far the best conference I’ve ever attended. Except for the Covid years, I’ve been going in person since 2015 and it’s never disappointed. I come back with lots of new ideas and renewed energy.

The Inbound Conference, hosted annually by HubSpot, is a marquee event in the digital marketing and sales landscape, attracting thousands of professionals and enthusiasts from around the globe. The multi-day gathering offers a rich assortment of keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and hands-on workshops led by some of the industry's foremost experts. It’s designed to empower businesses to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Inbound covers a vast array of topics ranging from SEO strategies and content marketing to customer relationship management and sales enablement. The conference is a great opportunity for networking, knowledge-sharing, and a deep dive into the latest tools and trends that shape the world of inbound marketing. It’s a hotbed for ideas that can transform the way businesses attract, engage, and delight their customers.

But it’s always in Boston and it’s not cheap which means that - for most solopreneurs - it’s not something they would likely invest in. So here I am, your helpful humble Inbound reporter, giving you the lowdown on what the buzz is at Inbound this year. While I could possibly attend every session, I went to as many as possible and tried to focus on those most of interest to solopreneurs. Except for George B. Thomas’s session on Sale enablement strategies. Not a topic for one-person businesses but IT’S GEORGE!

Okay, let's delve into some core Inbound 23 takeaways from the sessions I went to.

HubSpot Spotlight

Yamini Rangan, CEO of HubSpot

Yamini Rangan directed our focus towards customer connections, which, if executed well, can result in a 5X growth. Her research indicates that a consistent connection through the customer journey can lead to 19% more growth. Rangan’s talk was particularly fascinating as she navigated the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business strategies. She presented four pillars to adapt to AI: employing chatbots, refreshing content strategies, insight-driven sales, and proactive service. Rangan also announced HubSpot's foray into integrating AI into its customer platform.

Andy Pitre, Executive VP of Product at HubSpot

Andy Pitre followed, elaborating on HubSpot’s latest tools designed for a future ruled by AI. He introduced HubSpot's AI-powered content assistant, native SMS features, AI website builder, Commerce Hub, and Service Hub. This revelation indicates that HubSpot is not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk in AI integration.

Dharmesh Shah, Chief Technology Officer at HubSpot

Rounding off the HubSpot Spotlight was Dharmesh Shah, who warned against the potential downsides of AI—hallucinations and biased speech—while valuing the AI industry at $2.6 trillion annually. The CTO highlighted that we need to be cautious about AI's ethical implications even as we harness its enormous potential.

Keys to World Class Content and Winning Trust in the AI Era

 Marcus Sheridan, Author of "They Ask, You Answer"

Sheridan captivated the audience with his unique P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L. formula to win trust in the age of AI. He elucidated each component of the acronym, from writing in the first person to nurturing relationships and sharing compelling stories. Specifically:

P = Personal… write in the FIRST PERSON!

E = Engage… interact in real-time

R = Realness… share those behind-the-scenes moments in your organization.

S = Storytelling… craft compelling stories about your product or service.

O = Originality… focus on your experiences.

N = Nurture… build and maintain relationships with your followers.

A = Audience… constantly gather data and analyze it relate to preferences, behaviors, and feedback.

L = Love… audience needs to feel your love for your team and your product/service

His comprehensive roadmap allows businesses to connect better with their audience and enhance customer engagement.

Community: Myths, Tips, and the Marketing Mix

Ashley Faus & Devin Bramhall

Faus and Bramhall's session was a charming dual narrative emphasizing the power of community. They debunked myths like "brands lead the conversation," instead advocating for a decentralized version of cooperation. The duo presented concrete criteria for engaging enthusiasts and influencers. They also highlighted why brands should consider both building and joining communities, each having its unique set of advantages and challenges.

SEO Strategies That Drive Revenue

Dale Bertand, President at Fire&Spark

Dale's session really blew my mind. He pivoted the SEO conversation away from ranking and organic traffic and towards meaningful metrics—engagement and organic sales. He emphasized that simply aiming for ranking and traffic is misleading. By talking to customers, companies can understand their needs better than Google does. Bertrand also introduced several ideas for driving conversion, such as niche buying guides and Q&A content, and touched on vital on-page optimizations that matter, specifically:

  • Metadata
  • Useful / helpful content
  • Keyword usage
  • H1 / H2 optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Featured snippet optimization

Emotional Connection in LinkedIn Content

 Amanda Green, Education Lead and Program Manager at LinkedIn

Green's talk was an eye-opener for creating content that sticks. She drew a distinction between in-market and out-of-market customers, suggesting a rational approach for the former and an emotional one for the latter. She urged businesses to use "fluent devices" like logos and colors for distinctive content and highlighted the engaging power of video, especially short-form content.

Unveiling HubSpot’s New AI Assistants

Irina Nica, Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot

Irina Nica wrapped up the series of talks by diving into HubSpot's new AI Assistants. These new AI-enhanced tools will allow businesses to draft content, generate blog ideas, and even develop entire websites. Nica's revelations signified that HubSpot is doubling down on AI, making it an integral part of their entire platform.


I left Inbound 23 probably more inspired and with more actionable insight, than any previous Inbound. They really set the tone for the future, emphasizing a balanced approach to technology and customer-centricity. From HubSpot's latest AI tools to practical advice on community building and SEO, the event had something for everyone. As businesses, large and small, look forward to the rest of 2023, the key takeaway is clear: Adapt, engage, and always connect to your customer.