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                  1 min read

                  What Solopreneurs Need to Know About Intellectual Property

                  Featured Image

                  Keegan CaldwellDr. Keegan Caldwell is a patent attorney and the founder and managing member of Caldwell Intellectual Property Law.  He founded the firm in 2016 and last year it was the fastest- growing law firm in the United States and has offices in Boston, MA, Santa Monica, CA, and London, UK. Keegan served in the US Marine Corps right after high school.  He holds a BS in Biomedical Science and a PhD in Physical Chemistry.  

                  Keegan has extensive and diverse experience with advising clients from innovation conception to 9 and 10 figure monetization events. Keegan works with start-ups and established entities to both develop patent portfolios and to monetize them.  He emphasizes the interaction between intellectual property and sound business practices to help his clients leverage their IP and create shareholder value. He has assisted clients with a broad spectrum of patent issues for a wide array of technology and takes pride in curating and enforcing high-value patent portfolios

                  What you'll learn in this episode

                  • What is and isn't intellectual property
                  • The difference between patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets
                  • What solopreneurs need to think about when addressing intellectual property

                  Connect with Keegan Caldwell

                  Resources Mentioned in the Episode

                  **Mention you heard about Caldwell Intellectual Property Law on the show and receive 20% off a draft of a patent or trademark application.**

                  Favorite Quotes:

                  "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."

                  "If you want everyone to like you, don't be an entrepreneur. Go sell ice cream"

                  Want to share your experiences and learn from other one-person businesses? Be sure to join our community! It's free :)

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